New SES Revised Templates and Document Reviews

9/22/2021 10:44:53 AM ET   FormulaSAE Series

SES templates – version 1.2 have been published online Series Resources under Technical Inspection Resources – SES Templates.

A few teams will need to fill out the new v1.2 version of the SES.

Monocoque teams affected if they have:
Composite Shoulder Harness Attachment
Composite Accumulator Side Protection
Laminated AIP attachment

EV Teams affected if they have:

Offset chassis mounts
Composite Accumulator Side Protection

There is a non-critical F.4.3 Composite error.

The Tested Yield of the Steel Tube 3-Point test references Wall Thickness instead of Outer Diameter.

We can fix this error after submission.

v1.1 still works for all other Monocoque and EV teams

v1.0 still works for Steel Tube IC teams.

The initial SES deadline for all competitions is January, 10, 2022.

Teams do not need to wait until deadline to submit. Teams may start submitting their SES submissions now if complete.

Based on volunteer availability, we will review and approve documents as soon as possible.