Call for Volunteers! May and June Needed

4/16/2024 4:45:43 PM ET   FormulaSAE Series

For both May and June competitions, Formula SAE needs Cost Judges:
This is a 1-day commitment onsite (Thursday). Volunteers must be onsite all day during the cost event.
The Cost event is split into two volunteer needs:

  • Cost Report Judges. Volunteers will review the cost report with teams and will inspect student-built vehicles to confirm that the car and the cost value reported in the team’s cost report represent the actual costs for such a prototype. Volunteers should have some background in engineering. Cost estimating experience is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Cost Scenario Judge. Volunteers will listen, evaluate, and discuss student presentations on this year’s cost scenario. Volunteers should read and familiarize themselves with the cost scenario description and scoring rubric.

Both volunteer roles will be provided onsite training.

For May, Formula SAE needs some Design Judges with Aerodynamics and Electrical experience. This is a 2-day requirement onsite (Thursday & Friday). Volunteers will evaluate both the design the student-built vehicle as well as the team’s knowledge of engineering design and their ability to justify their design decisions. Design Judges do need to have at minimum 5 years of experience in industry before being approved.

For June, Formula SAE Electric needs some Dynamic Event Volunteers. This can be a 1 or 2 day commitment. Dynamic events operate over 3 days. All the events where student-built vehicles are on track include acceleration, autocross, brake test, endurance, and skid pad events. Volunteers for these events will help the track operations run smoothly. We need volunteers to help with setup and teardown courses, work the course as starters, cone chasers, flaggers, and timing workers.

If interested, please sign up to volunteer online our volunteer portal.

If you have any questions before signing up, please contact us.

And please feel free to share with your friends, family, and coworkers. Past Formula SAE experience is not required.