FSAE Electric Pre-Competition Accumulator Video

5/15/2024 3:33:29 PM ET   Formula SAE Electric

SAE has published a Version 2 of the FSAE Electric Pre-Competition Accumulator Video document online Series Resources - Technical Inspection Resources - EV Templates due to some typo and grammatical carryover. Here is a direct link. None of the content has been revised if a team has already been referencing this guide.

Reminder teams can start creating their video and submitting up to the deadline of May 31st.
This is not mandatory of teams to participate.

For teams looking to participate, here is a link to the type of Accumulator video the committee expects to see this year.
This video is not perfect but is a representation of one of the better videos we normally receive.
This video can also be found online Series Resources - Technical Inspection Resources - Electric Vehicle - Reference Files.

Hints for Accumulator video success:

  1. Get your ESF approved - this AUTOMATICALLY gets all the design portion of the Accumulator Inspection approved
  2. Print off the Accumulator inspection sheet and address the items in order, top to bottom.
  3. DO NOT include any circuit schematics - the video is supposed to show your "as built" accumulator. The committee will not approve any items from a schematic!
  4. Have a UV light available to prove the conformal coating on IC boards
  5. Have a ruler or caliper ready to show separation distances between Low and High Voltage on circuit boards
  6. We want to see Safety Equipment being used while recording; HV gloves, safety glasses, a non-conducting rod for pointing to components, safety mat, etc.
  7. Pan (i.e. move left and right) the camera when recording each section so that the committee gets a full comprehension of your design