Approved Equivalent IMDs for Competition Year 2022

4/27/2022 10:04:07 AM ET   Formula SAE Michigan - June

In a recent rules’ inquiry, SAE was asked the following question:

Given the supply issues for the Bender ISOMETER® IR155-3203 or IR155-3204, we are struggling to find any IMD that meets EV8.6. Are you able to recommend any IMD?

After conducting some research and discussions, the EV Tech team was able to respond with the following answer:

Approved equivalents for competition year 2022 only are the Bender IR425 or Sendyne SIM101MLQ.

The Sendyne SIM100MOD is NOT approved.

Any other proposals must be approved by submitting a rules inquiry.

Please update your ESF accordingly by listing the model you are using in the “Additional Comments” box on the “Overview” sheet.

This recent rules inquiry has been made into a FAQ for all Electric teams to reference. If you are team having issues with your IMD please note the steps above for action to take.