2018 Michigan Endurance Course Changes

2/21/2018 11:21:13 AM   FormulaSAE Series

2018 Michigan Endurance Course Changes

Very exciting news to all teams attending FSAE Michigan! We will be changing the endurance track up this year as compared to previous years. We will be expanding the track compared to our 2017 competition, elongating it into the practice area utilizing the entire surface of the backstretch of the MIS oval. In 2017, we had a perfect year with a record number of cars taking track and finishing. However, even with no incidents causing the track to shutdown, endurance still ran at capacity. This challenged the organizers and dynamic event captains to design a solution for increased car throughput during the hours of operation. At a recent meeting between the SAE staff, SCCA and Dynamic Event Captains, several options were explored before we decided on our 2018 option.

What does this mean exactly for our participants?

•Drivers will have longer laps to drive but overall drive fewer number of laps to achieve the 22 kilometer distance.
•All students will have more areas to view the course as we will be adding additional bleacher seats covering the full length of the track. This additional seating will also event benefit teams when at Practice on Thursday and Friday.
•The Practice area is currently under review for relocation on Saturday only. There is a possibility we will not have Practice available Saturday.
•We will be removing the photography area located on track.
•There will be very limited traffic movement through MIS Gate 12 Saturday. Something to keep in mind with this change is that all teams who do not pass tech inspection on Friday night may want to consider removing their transportation vehicle from the paddocks Friday night. There will be a set scheduled time during the lunch shutdown and at close of Endurance in which teams may leave the track area using MIS Gate 12. Traffic entering/leaving via the vehicle tunnels will not be affected.

Laura Klauser, Endurance Event Captain will be highlighting a potential new track layout for the 2019 Endurance Event that we are pretty excited about. SAE will also be releasing a Podcast on this topic where Laura and her group will discuss the reasons behind the change and their new layout before it is revealed onsite as the welcome ceremony; this Podcast will be available early May.