Mentoring Chat with SAE President and Board Chair

9/26/2022 3:53:26 PM ET   FormulaSAE Series

Mentoring Chat with SAE President

SAE President and Board Chair, Sri Srinath, is discussing the importance of mentoring on the Connexion+ platform. The chat runs from September 26th-27th.

SAE Chats are two-day sessions in Connexion+ with a subject matter expert on a variety of technical topics, soft skill development, leadership, and workforce development. Add your voice to this dialogue—ask questions, provide answers, and ultimately, gain insights from SAE and its members from around the globe.

Sri recently explained how SAE is in a unique position to provide mentoring, compared to other engineering associations on YouTube. Here are several questions to get you started in a discussion with Sri:

Why find a mentor?
Who makes the best mentors - tenure, seniority, experience, levels, etc.?
What are some effective mentoring practices?
What are the differences between a mentor, a champion and a sponsor?
What are the benefits for the mentor from this relationship?

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