Know Before You Go Virtual Session - FSAE Michigan

4/24/2024 11:20:19 AM ET   Formula SAE (IC)

Join Kaley Zundel, Formula SAE Program Manager, and key volunteers as they review the upcoming event in Brooklyn, Michigan for the IC class. This session is expected to be no more than one (1) hour and allows time for Q&A.

Additionally, the Student Handbook has been made available both online the website under Competition Resources – Files and on the FSAE Mobile App.
Items you can find on the these two sources include, but are not limited to:

  • Overall Event Schedule
  • Static Schedules for Cost and Design. Business Finals is being finalized and we will get those posted shortly.
  • Site Maps
  • Paddock Rules
  • Event Descriptions
  • And more…

Spectator Policy - It is recommended that any spectators review this policy before attending. Please share with your friends and family if attending.

ATTENDEE NOTE: This applies to ALL attendees.
* No Open-Toed Shoes
* No animals other than service animals with papers allowed onsite; proof of papers will be required for admittance.