Pre-Reg Reminder!

9/11/2023 9:13:32 AM ET   FormulaSAE Series

Don't forget, pre-registration for 2024 eligible teams opens Wednesday at 10 AM EDT for IC Class and Thursday at 10 AM EDT for EV Class. Pre-registration will remain open until September 19th (IC) and 20th (EV).

2024 Pre-Registration Guidelines

  • The top 10 overall winners from each class in the 2023 season, get the opportunity to pre-register for the same class/event location in 2024.

  • You are not able to switch classes.

  • Hybrid does not apply.

  • Pre-registration only secures your team's registration, it does NOT equate to a free registration. Teams must still pay the registration fee.

  • The pre-registration window opens at 10 AM EDT on Wednesday, September 13th for IC Class and Thursday, September 14th for EV Class. There is no need to scramble to register right at 10 AM - your spot will be held for the entirety of the week prior to your event's registration date for the general public. Register at your leisure - just don't forget!

  • If you fail to secure registration during the pre-registration window, you will need to register on September 20th (IC) and 21st (EV) with the teams that weren't eligible for pre-registration. Your spot will no longer be held at that point. Registration will be first come, first serve starting the 20th (IC) and 21st (EV).

  • If you do secure registration during the pre-reg period, please understand that your invoice will not generate until the day after registration opens for the majority of teams. You do not need to complete payment until 2 business days after your invoice generates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us ASAP @ [email protected]!