March Document Submission Reminder

3/3/2022 11:38:31 AM ET   FormulaSAE Series

Formula SAE Document Submissions - March

  • March 28: Design Spec Sheet - Formula May
  • March 28: Design Review Briefing - Formula May
  • March 28: TDesign 3-View Drawings - Formula May

Be sure to stay aware and plan for all upcoming deadlines for your competition. Remember, both registered and waitlist teams must submit all required event documents. Failure to turn in mandatory document submissions risks removal from the competition. You can find the document submission process outlined in 'Section DR.2 SUBMISSION DETAILS' in the 2022 Formula SAE Rules. Documents will be submitted at - please make sure that your team rosters at are populated as much as possible with your teammates so that you are sure all will receive warning emails if your team misses a deadline by mistake.