2018 Formula SAE Michigan Results Revised

5/30/2018 11:20:25 AM   Formula SAE Michigan 2018

It has been brought to SAE's attention by a team that the Endurance results was not showing their cones and off course penalties. After review of the results and our hardcopy files, we have discovered about half of the teams had no cone or off course penalties input.

While it is a team effort to obtain and compile this information between the transponder data, recorded radio calls, driver change and start line records, mistakes can unfortunately happen. SAE's National Scorekeeper took this opportunity to complete an Endurance score audit. We are now confident with releasing the revised Overall Competition Results.

These include the penalties for Endurance.

The top 3 finishers in Endurance remain the same.

The top 3 finishers in Efficiency remain the same.

The top 8 overall teams do not change other than a slight swap in position between 9th and 10th place.

There are changes in the 11-30 range.

Endurance and Efficiency points change, since the top team now has penalties which changed their time.

We understand some teams may be happy with the changes and some may not; however, it is our practice that if we make a mistake we correct it regardless of the outcome.

To all teams affected, my apologies for this mistake.

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