#OrganizeToWin by CTech Manufacturing Contest

6/8/2021 10:00:00 AM   FormulaSAE Series

Can an organized work area increase your chance of success? The CTech Manufacturing team believes it does and is willing to award $5000 to the team who shows them proof.

Post 4 photos of your SAE workshop to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to be entered into the contest. Then, onsite at Formula SAE Michigan, CTech Manufacturing will explore the paddock area to see how qualifying teams manage their paddock space.

Official Rules
To enter:
• Must be competing in Formula SAE Michigan
• Use the #OrganizeToWin hashtag
• Tag CTech Manufacturing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn
• Share at least 4 photos of your shop for judging.
Entry deadline: 6/28/2021
Photo guidelines:
• Wide shots only
• Photos must be taken from roughly the same place, showcasing different angles.
• Photos must show different parts of the shop.