Pre-Competition Accumulator Video and EV Tech Sheet Announcement

4/22/2024 10:56:42 AM ET   Formula SAE Electric

The 2024 Formula SAE Electric Pre-Competition Accumulator Video document and EV Tech Sheet are now available for student teams online Series Resources.

The main reason for an accumulator video submission is to shorten the on-site accumulator inspection process while identifying major rules violations approximately a week prior to the start of the competition so that corrections can be made at your shop instead of in the hot work area at competition. Teams who wish to participate in the early accumulator inspection should review the document for process on submitting video. This submissions is not a required submission of all teams and is voluntary.

Benefits of participating:

  • advance notification of any possible issues you can fix while still at university shop
  • lower tech number

Additionally the 2024 FSAE Electric Tech Sheet for the Accumulator and EV Active portions have been released.

Both documents can be viewed online Series Resources - Technical Inspection Resources - EV Templates.