JUNE – FSAE Business Presentation Finalists Announced

5/12/2022 9:13:54 AM ET   Formula SAE Michigan - June

The selected teams will compete in the Presentation Finals to be hosted onsite in person Thursday, June 16th

Teams are listed in numerical order.

23 California State Poly Univ - Pomona

27 Univ of Calif - Berkeley

35 West Virginia Univ

42 Iowa State Univ

61 San Diego State Univ

95 Univ of Ottawa

216 Ryerson Univ

233 Univ of Pennsylvania

239 Carnegie Mellon Univ

251 McGill Univ

273 Univ of Washington

A Business Presentation Finalists Static Schedule will be made available for the June event when the Design and Cost schedules are released.

Scores for all teams will not be published until after the onsite judging is complete. Student teams will be able to view their judges’ comments on fsaeonline.com. Scores will be available online the app using the Live Results link.