The 2019 Formula SAE Rules are now published.

8/6/2018 3:10:42 PM   FormulaSAE Series

2019 Formula SAE Rules now available online.

The 2019 Formula SAE Rules are now published online under the Series Resources. (Please DELETE all draft versions.)

The Formula SAE Rules for 2019 have been completely reformatted, partially rearranged, and in some areas rewritten. This was done to improve the clarity, usability, and ability to locate information.

The reformat changed the approach of some rules. The rules give requirements, where possible. For example, if a rule states that a part “must be steel”, making the part from aluminum violates the rule. If you ask to use a material other than steel, you are asking to violate the rule, which will not be allowed.

Please be careful – if some aspect of your design or construction was previously acceptable, it may no longer be permitted.

There is no list of changes provided due to the amount and extent of the changes made; a comprehensive list is not practical.

It continues to be your responsibility to review and comply with the rules. Submit Rules Questions if you need to.

Also available for review is a document detailing the feedback we received from the survey; comments have been provided to address each inquiry.

I want to thank the Formula SAE Rules Committee, contributors, and everyone who provided comments on these rules for their input and assistance; especially the Formula SAE Rules Chair, Steve Sayovitz who put monumental work in this rewrite.