Learn & Compete - A Primer

7/25/2022 12:47:36 PM ET   FormulaSAE Series

The second edition of “Learn & Compete- A Primer” was released on Thursday, July 7th at the Formula Student UK competition at Silverstone. Compared to the first edition, which came out 10 years go in 2012, this second edition has many revised and 17 new chapters, including ones on Sponsorship, The Design Process, Racing Brake Systems, Threaded Fasteners, Data Acquisition and Getting Through Mechanical Technical Inspection. It also has a short (10 page) chapter on Passing Electrical Technical Inspection. With all the new material, it is now split into 2 volumes. Volume 1 covers team organization, project/process management and design topics, while Volume 2 deals with car build, test and development, and at the competition.

The contributors include many renowned Design Judges such as Pat Clarke, Steve Fox, David Gould, Edward Kasprzak, Tony Lyscio and Doug Milliken, and Suzanne Royce, retired Chief Scrutineer for Formula 1 in the USA.
The Forewords have been written by Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds.
The books are available from Kimberley Media at: