Harness Ends Bolted to Tabs

5/3/2024 6:16:37 PM ET   FormulaSAE Series

This is a friendly reminder to teams to ensure their harness ends bolted to tabs meet the intent of the rules.

The belt may not rub on the harness mount. (T.2.4.3.d)
A well engineered tab and chosen harness end balances the thickness of the tab material against good spacing and clearance.
If a belt is contacting a mismatched tab, we expect a small spacer can provide sufficient axial clearance to prevent belt contact.
If the mismatch is a double shear design and there is insufficient clearance between tabs:

  • Teams may consider mounting the harness with a spacer outside of the tabs.
  • These are not the preferred solutions compared to correctly sized tabs or choosing an end bracket with more radial clearance from your harness manufacturer.
  • We will continue to increase scrutiny in this area.

Images below show good and bad examples that Tech Inspectors will be looking for: