Revised SES Templates Posted!

10/16/2018 10:54:57 AM   FormulaSAE Series

Since announcing our *New SES Templates, we have received a number of rules inquiries addressing a few minor issues with the templates. We are happy to say those issues have been resolved and new document templates are posted online our Series Resources page.

For consistency and accuracy, all teams should submit their SES using the newest version available at the deadline. Not using the most up to date version will cause your team’s review to be delayed.

We truly appreciate the feedback we receive from teams as it helps ensure we deliver a better product for all our customers so please immediately report any broken calculations by submitting a rules inquiry at

SES Update for all known issues:
• Steel Tube 1.2 – Impact Attenuator Dimensions have been corrected.
• Monocoque/Hybrid/Non-Ferrous 1.3 - IA Dimensions, Composite H6, AJ70, Ply Bias, Harness J36
• Monocoque/Hybrid/Non-Ferrous 1.4 - Monocoque Hoop and Bracing Pullout/Tearout Calculation Activation, 3x Front Hoop Mounts Mandatory

• EV HV Enclosure 1.2 - Composite H6, AJ70, Ply Bias, Accumulator Protection baseline 1 x .065, Attachment Orthogonal Bending & Parabolic Shear
• Impact Attenuator Document 1.1 - Cell AC65

Additional resources for teams
• Added “Formula SAE Composite Chassis Notes” to the Document Resource page on FSAEOnline.