Nevada Acknowledgement Submission Deadline

5/26/2021 11:01:30 AM   FormulaSAE Series

Acknowledgement Document Submission DUE by EoD TOMORROW, May 27th!!!

Each team is now REQUIRED to do the following ASAP! For more detailed instructions on this new process, click here!

  1. Review the '2021 Registration Process Outline' document available for download under Series Resources in the '2021 CDS Competition Season > Validation Event' folders.

  2. After reading the document above, submit the required 'Acknowledgement Document Submission' on during the window outlined below. Teams WILL NOT be permitted on-site if they do not submit the Acknowledgement Document.

Submission Windows

  • Formula SAE Nevada Window: May 20 - May 27
  • Formula SAE Michigan Window: June 10 - June 17