2019 Formula SAE Michigan Endurance: New Look and Feel

9/6/2018 11:59:39 AM   FormulaSAE Series

Based on the operations of recent FSAE events at MIS, and your feedback, we want to share a change that we're excited about to provide teams ample time to prepare.

In 2019, for FSAE Michigan, the Endurance Event track location will be changing to include both the back straight and a portion of the MIS infield course. We are excited that this change brings the staging area for the event significantly closer to the paddock area and enables the opportunity to introduce new course design elements to test a broader range of the dynamic performance of the vehicles. All surfaces being used in this new layout are in good paved condition.

New spectating opportunities are being explored by SAE to ensure the sponsors and guests can safely watch the event and take photographs.

The Friday events (Acceleration, Skid Pad, and Autocross) will remain in the same locations as 2018. The Practice area will be located in Turn 2 on Thursday and Friday, and then move to Turn 4 on Saturday as it did in 2018.

Please be prepared for course elements that will span the minimum & maximum ranges of the dynamic course design rules. Successfully navigating these elements will require designs that can be adaptable to course design & conditions. As a point of reference, the diameter of the 2018 hairpin was approximately 10% larger than the minimum hairpin turn diameter requirement.

Click here for a look at the 2019 FSAE Michigan Endurance Course layout.