FSAE Michigan Tech Inspection Forms Now Available

4/22/2024 3:41:17 PM ET   Formula SAE (IC)

Teams attending the Formula SAE Michigan competition in May can now view the Technical Inspection forms online under Series Resources - Technical Inspection Resources - IC Templates. The Technical Inspection Form and the ETC Checklist Form are now available.
Teams should download and view the forms prior to competition.
Teams should use these forms to complete a self audit prior to competition.

Teams do not need to print a copy of the Technical Inspection Form for use at competition as teams will be provided with an official copy along with the four dynamic passes at student registration when registering your team to compete.

Teams do not need to print a copy of the ETC Checklist Form as a copy will be provided to you onsite from the ETC judges. This form was also emailed to those student teams participating with ETC.