2023 Pre-Competition Accumulator Video Inspection

3/7/2023 8:37:44 AM ET   FormulaSAE Series

The EV Technical Inspection area saw great success with the optional Pre-Competition Accumulator Video Inspection implemented in 2022 and it is back for 2023.

This submission is optional.

The incentive to teams to complete this process is to shorten their onsite accumulator inspection process as well as potentially learn about any major failure which can be corrected at their student workshops vs onsite with limited resources. Additionally, teams who participate in this process will be assigned lowest tech numbers for accumulator inspection based on the review.

The 2023 detailed description of this submission can be found on Series Resources under Technical Inspection Resources – EV Templates.

Teams will also see a new document submission under their Required Submissions area. Again, this is optional for any electric team wishing to reduce their time spent at accumulator inspection onsite. No late penalties or cancellation of team registration will be enforced for teams who do not participate. Deadlines and additional information about the submission are outlined in the description document.

If you have any specific questions regarding this optional video, please use the online rules inquiry process.