Formula SAE Knowledge Design Event Wrap Up

4/23/2021 7:53:48 PM   FormulaSAE Series

Thanks to all the team presenters and volunteers who participated the past few days; it was great event! Today concluded Design Finals for those selected teams.

A few items to wrap up the FSAE Knowledge Design event:

  1. Preliminary results will be posted Week of April 26th for team review.
  2. Final results will be posted week of May 10th following awards.
  3. Live Awards ceremony will be hosted in conjunction with FSAE Cost Event week of May 10th. Top 3 Overall Knowledge Finishers will also be announced.
  4. All judge feedback/comments will be published week of May 10th.

*Top finishers for Cost, Design and Overall will be invited via email to join us on the live stream. We will have provide a link for live viewing on our SAE Collegiate Competitions YouTube Channel.