Revised Formula SAE Rules and Cost Event Supplement Published

10/8/2018 1:29:57 PM   FormulaSAE Series

The 2019 Formula SAE Rules, Version 2.0 includes several notable changes. Section S.3 “Cost and Manufacturing Event” has been revised. This section was not complete for the initial publication of the Rules. The figure for allowable aerodynamic devices has been corrected. Other minor formatting changes, corrections, and enhancements are included, which do not affect the content.

The Cost Event Supplement is also published. This new document provides updated guidance for the Cost Event. It takes some content previously in the rules, and some previously included in Appendices to the rules, and puts it into one document. Teams will need to use the Cost Event Supplement in conjunction with the Rules to properly complete the Cost Report and compete in the Cost and Manufacturing Event.

It continues to be the responsibility of you and your team to review and comply with the latest version of the rules. Submit Rules Questions if you need to.