Does your car have these items in the cost report?  If so, action is required!

3/24/2024 9:59:27 AM ET   FormulaSAE Series

SAE has discovered an issue with some of the new cost catalog items not costing in the cost report. Unfortunately this issue will not be resolved before the deadline March 27th.

Items affected are:

Drivetrain / Chain and Master Link
Electronics / Conformal Coating
Electronics / Flexible Printed Circuit Board
Electronics / Printed Circuit Board
Hardware / Mount, Vibration-Damping Sandwich
Misc. / Drawer Slide, Metal, Polymer Bushing, Any Length
Misc. / Paint, Cosmetic Finishing
Misc. / Paint, Priming/Protective Finishing

For the 2024 season, teams using any of these items, the workaround to resolve this issue is for teams to review your cost report and manually convert the US unit sizes to Metric unit sizes selecting “Metric” instead of”US” and then enter those metric values for a correctly-generated cost for the item.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please if you have any questions or concerns email [email protected]