Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup

2/16/2018 9:56:48 AM   FormulaSAE Series

The Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup recognizes outstanding contributions made by faculty advisors to the young engineering students’ Formula SAE competition team. The faculty advisor's role provides continuity over a long period of time, creates a positive and encouraging environment for the students, displays active involvement in all team challenges, upholds student-run character of teamwork, and is above all a professional role model.

The recipient of the Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup will have been involved in the USA FSAE competition over a long period of time guiding young engineering students to conceive, design, analyze, build and compete with a very complex system for which the optimum solution is not well defined. The faculty advisor can be central to both the team’s and the students’ success not only in the competition, but also in life. The key element to the selection is that he or she will have given an extraordinarily amount of personal time and expertise to help the students’ professional development as engineers.

If you wish to nominate your faculty advisor for this award please submit a nomination letter by April 1st, 2018 to Kaley Zundel at [email protected]