SAE Welcomes Industrial Lecturer Darrell Hancock Jr.

8/9/2022 8:38:39 AM ET   FormulaSAE Series

"Suspension Development and Tuning”

While the design and manufacture of a Formula SAE vehicle is important, the development of the vehicle, its systems, and sub-components is critical to achieve success in the competition event. Development is part science, part engineering, and part art, and lots of hard work. The science part of development is mostly based on simple physics. The engineering aspect is the application of that science, as well as making use of existing knowledge; experience from previous years, rules of thumb, guidelines, standards, all of which are important in developing a vehicle. This presentation will guide you through planning, preparation, and execution of a development plan for the steering and handling characteristics of your Formula SAE vehicle. The focus of the presentation is on developing a reliable vehicle and improving its vehicle dynamics performance. Conducting handling testing and tuning to improve performance are covered with emphasis on making the most of your test sessions.

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