Hoosier Tire Onsite Update

6/4/2024 10:10:51 AM ET   Formula SAE Electric

From Hoosier Tire:

Due to scheduling conflicts of our Hoosier Tire Track Service Team - we will be unable to offer tire sales and service at next week’s FSAE Electric Event from June 12 – 15. We encourage you to order and mount your tires in advance of arriving for this competition. We have made arrangements with an off site Tire Store to mount tires for all FSAE teams, but it is off site. Please contact them during the event if you need tire service performed. They will charge for mounting services.

Horst Tire – Adrian, MI : https://horsttire.com/
9045 W. US 223
Adrian, MI 49221

Next, if you need to order tires this week in advance of the event, please contact Jeff Speer – [email protected] to place your tire order. We can ship directly to your University or to Michigan International Speedway. A Hoosier Tire Representative will be at the competition for tire tech support. Thank you for your understanding considering our track service absence from this event.