2019 Formula SAE Registration Eligibility

8/28/2018 11:21:52 AM   FormulaSAE Series

2019 Formula SAE Pre-Registration

Registration opens for the Formula SAE Series on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 at 10 am EDT. Since 2005 when Formula SAE Michigan began selling out in minutes, the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) staff has implemented the register early option for teams who had finished in top standings at Michigan, Lincoln, and Electric to ensure that the top teams are guaranteed a registration spot if desired. The offer is also extended to the top 2 finishing teams of international events whom SAE recognizes as part of the Official Formula Series.

Things to Remember:

Early registration applies to the competition where you placed; i.e. If you earned the right to register early because you placed in Top 10 at FSAE Lincoln in 2018 than your early registration applies to 2019 FSAE Lincoln.

Teams who finished in more than one event only get this offer of early registration for one event but may choose which competition to attend.

The one-month registration restriction for Formula SAE Michigan and Formula SAE Lincoln will remain in effect for the 2019 competition season. On Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 10 am EDT, registration for both events will open to all teams allowing them to register for both events if any slots remain open.

If your team chooses to take advantage of the pre-registration opportunity SAE is giving you, someone on your team (with an active SAE membership that is properly affiliated to your university) needs to log into your team profile between Wednesday, September 26th, 10 AM EDT and Wednesday, October 3rd,10 AM EDT and register your team. The process will be no different than what you have been used to in the past for registration. You are still looking for the REGISTER button. The only difference is that your team will be given the opportunity to sign up for the event ONE WEEK earlier than everyone else. If your team does not pre-register during the time frame listed above, you will forfeit your opportunity to register ahead of October 3rd.

After pre-registration you will be required to pay for the registration after general registration opens on your Team Profile page as if you chose to Pay Later. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

Teams eligible for Early Registration are:

Michigan 2018 Top 10 Finishers

  1. Universitat Stuttgart
  2. Graz Technical University
  3. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
  4. Technical University of Munich
  5. Ecole De Technologie Superieure
  6. University of Akron
  7. Carleton University
  8. University of Wisconsin - Madison
  9. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  10. AGH University of Science and Technology
  11. University of Purdue-West Layafette
    **SAE will honor their early registration this year due to a scoring error uncovered after competition knocking them out of initial 10th place announcement.

Lincoln 2018 Top 10 Finishers

  1. Texas A & M Univ - College Station
  2. Michigan State University
  3. Polytechnique Montréal
  4. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
  5. University of Texas - Arlington
  6. Rutgers University
  7. Auburn University
  8. University of Calif - San Diego
  9. Missouri University of Science and Technology
  10. Western Washington University

Electric 2018 Top 10 Finishers

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. McGill University
  3. University of Washington
  4. University of Wisconsin - Madison
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  6. Georgia Institute of Technology
  7. Purdue University - W Lafayette
  8. Universidade Estadual de Campinas
  9. Montreal Polytechnique
  10. University of Manitoba

Easy Pass Winners will not be able to register without assistance
Michigan 2018 EZ Pass Winner - Michigan State University

Lincoln 2018 EZ Pass Winner - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top 2 Finishers from recognized official Formula World Council competitions
TEAMS QUALIFYING FROM INTERNATIONAL EVENTS who competed outside of Formula SAE competitions in United States will still need assistance from SAE International staff. Please contact [email protected] if you are wanting to use this opportunity for the 2019 competition season.

Formula SAE Australasia - we invite winners from previous year since competition does not take place until December

  1. Monash University
  2. University of Wollongong


  1. SAE Brazil #1
  2. SAE Brazil #2
  3. SAE Brazil #3

Formula SAE Italy

  1. Technical University of Graz
  2. Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg

Formula Student

  1. Monash University
  2. Oxford Brookes University

Formula Student Austria

  1. Technical University of Graz
  2. Monash University

Formula Student Germany

  1. Universitat Stuttgart
  2. Technical University of Graz

Formula SAE Japan

  1. TBD
  2. TBD