2019 Formula SAE Michigan Endurance Possibilities

4/25/2018 2:33:33 PM   Formula SAE Michigan 2018

If you have not already listened to our recent episode on the Formula SAE FastCast regarding the 2018-2019 competition season regarding dynamic events, you are missing out. Our Endurance Event Captains, Laura Klauser and Matt Kalmus have been exploring some exciting opportunities for expanding the Endurance track beyond its new 2018 layout. Under the Series Resources for the Formula SAE Michigan Competition, student competitors can view the 2019 Endurance Course options.

Our event captains will be making a small presentation during our 2018 Welcome Ceremony to all student team members attending competition. It is our goal to engage team members and advisors for feedback on the options. If interested, please join us!

If you have not already checked our Podcast Series, you should visit the Formula SAE FastCast link to catch up on recent episodes.