2024 Electronic Throttle Control Review Form now Available

12/7/2023 1:13:39 PM ET   Formula SAE (IC)

For the 2024 competition season, Formula SAE will be requiring a new review form for IC teams that wish to pursue using Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). This new template form will replace the previously used ETC FMEA form. Legacy forms will not be accepted for 2024 competitions and will be viewed as "not submitted". This will not replace the Notice of Intent form which is still required to be completed by teams. The new 2024 Electronic Throttle Control Review Form can be found Series Resources in the IC templates folder under Technical Inspection Resources. Additionally, here is a direct link.

Following the format of other Formula FSAE review documents, this new document is meant to clarify and streamline the ETC review process for students. This document is a checklist style form for teams to provide information on the rules-mandated portions of the entire Electronic Throttle Control system with the intent for teams to have flexibility to prove equivalence and approval for their systems ahead of the on-site technical inspection. For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the ETC technical review team using the Rules Inquiry portal on fsaeonline.com.