Knowledge Event- Presentations Know Before you Go

2/3/2021 9:07:55 AM   FormulaSAE Series

Are you prepared for your presentation event tomorrow, February 4th? Before the event please follow this check list to ensure the team is prepared.

  • Did you claim your account with Pathable? Each presenter should have already received an invite from Pathable.
  • Are you able to log into Pathable?
  • Are your presenters correct?
  • Is your team's presentation time listed and correct?
  • Are you prepared to present on a zoom platform?
  • Have you read the rules and event descriptions?
  • Are you prepared for the allotted presentation time and Q&A from the judges?
  • You can log into your virtual presentation room up to 20 mins early. Note: Judges will also be able to join 20 mins early.

    As a reminder we will have staff during the event to assist you, but if you attended the practice sessions or the Live Q&A you should be all set for your presentation! Please email us at with any questions or changes. No changes/updates will be accepted after 3:00pm ET on February 3rd.