Design Volunteer Information

Position Title: Design Judge

Activity: Formula SAE Static Event

Position Description: The design judging event concentrates on evaluating the engineering design of the car from concept through to manufacture, assembly and testing, and student knowledge. Design judges evaluate both (a) the design of the team’s vehicle and (b) the team’s knowledge of engineering design as applied to autocross vehicles and their ability to justify their design decisions.

Each team is assigned a 60-minute time slot for design judging during which the judges examine the vehicle and talk to the team. Judging teams typically have 5+ members each of whom evaluates the vehicle and team on specific areas of the car, i.e. chassis, suspension, power train, ergonomics etc. Judges will spend approximately 45 minutes with the individual teams and the remaining time being spent recording feedback for the teams and discussing judge impressions within the judging team. Each design queue will be managed by an experienced Lead Judge.
Some judges may be requested to float around all the design queues based on having knowledge of a specialty area.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience: It is expected that each person judging in design to have professional engineering experience. Design judges are expected to have significant experience in automotive and/or race car design and development. Judges should have a minimum of 5 years’ professional experience. It is expected that a balance of practical and theoretical expertise exists and some level of personal racing experience is highly suggested.
In addition, an outgoing personality with a friendly approach to people while facilitating a critical evaluation of design work and understanding of academic learning events is highly desirable.
Interested candidates will require an approval process by event captains.

Orientation and Training: All volunteers will need to read the rules, and will be given onsite training at the competition.

Work Conducted via: Design submission review prior to competition; all student teams are required to submit a Design Review Briefing PPT, Specification Sheet and Three-View Drawings of their vehicle. We ask all judges to review all documents for each of their assigned cars to familiarize self with student vehicle design and gain pre-assumed understanding of their style and angle of approach. Judging onsite.

Time Commitment: Design submission review may take up to 1 hour per team. Onsite judging has a 2-day minimum; 3 days preferred (Thurs, Fri and Sat)

SAE Members only: NO

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: opportunities exist.

Formula SAE Design Judge Requirements published by Design Event Captains