Impact Attenuator Data Document Reviewer Volunteer Information

Position Title: Impact Attenuator Data Document Reviewer

Activity: Formula SAE Document Review

Position Description: Volunteers will conduct a technical review of student team completed document for Impact Attenuator Data (IAD). The report must include:
a. Test data that proves that the Impact Attenuator Assembly, when mounted on the front of a vehicle with a total mass of 300 kg (661 lbs.) and impacting a solid, non-yielding impact barrier with a velocity of impact of 7.0 meters/second (23.0 ft./sec), decelerates the vehicle at a rate not exceeding 20 g’s average and 40 g’s peak. The energy absorbed in this event must meet or exceed 7350 Joules.
NOTE: These are the attenuator functional requirements not test requirements. Quasi-static testing is allowed.
b. Calculations showing how the reported absorbed energy and decelerations have been derived.
c. A schematic of the test method.
d. Photos of the attenuator, annotated with the height of the attenuator before and after testing.

Document is required to be approved prior to team participation onsite in technical inspection.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience: Volunteers should have a general familiarity with vehicle structure design specifically the driver’s cell. Knowledge of steel and composite materials is also suggested. Knowledge of dynamic testing processes and ability to analyze results is also suggested.

Orientation and Training: Online training led by Lead Reviewer who will also manage the review process and workload

Work Conducted via: online prior to competition

Time Commitment: Pending volunteer availability and workload vs student knowledge; there may be some back-n-forth correspondence until document is accepted. Review time is not consistent or daily but can span up to a month’s time.

SAE Members only: NO

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: opportunities exist