The Carroll Smith Mentor’s Cup recognizes FSAE faculty advisors who, consistently and over many years, have made outstanding contributions to their programs and instill qualities of leadership, teamwork, technical skill, self-reliance, inquisitiveness, and project responsibility in their students.

The Carroll Smith Mentor’s Cup was initiated by SCCA with input from SAE and is an SCCA award. The award recognizes that, over the years, those teams with the most consistent programs and performance, that consistently produce outstanding alumni, tend to be those with an outstanding faculty advisor. The purpose of the Cup is to recognize and encourage these advisors.

The Mentor’s Cup is named, in gratitude, for Carroll Smith. Carroll was the pre-eminent racecar engineer of his generation. He was the engineering manager for the Ford GT40 Le Mans victories in 1966 and 1967. He wrote the still-popular series:

  • Prepare to Win
  • Tune to Win
  • Engineer to Win
  • Drive to Win
  • Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners

Carroll was the Chief Design Judge for Formula SAE from 1993 until his passing in 2003 and created a durable tradition for the excellence of that event.

The Carroll Smith Mentor’s Cup was inspired by the example set by Dr. Bob Woods at the University of Texas at Arlington, who was its first recipient in 1999.

Winners include:
2023 Dr. Seah Kar Heng, National University of Singapore
2022 Dr. Ron Matthews, University of Texas
2019 Prof. Ed Hohenberg, University of Manitoba
2018 Dr. Randy Allemang, University of Cincinnati
2017 Prof. Cliff Stover, Cal Poly Pomona
2016 Dr. Len Hamilton, U.S. Naval Academy and University of Maryland
2015 Dr. Craig Hoff, Kettering University
2014 Dr. John Russell, University of New Mexico
2013 Dr. Brooks Byam, Saginaw Valley State University
2012 Dr. Sergio Diaz, Universidad Simon Bolivar
2011 Dr. Bob Paasch, Oregon State University
2010 Prof. Doug Fraser, Dartmouth College
2009 Dr. Rob Sorem, University of Kansas
2008 Dr. Gary Cloud, Michigan State University
2007 Dr. Dan Dolan, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
2006 Dr. Peter Jones, Auburn University
2005 Dr. Make McDermott, Texas A&M University
2004 Dr. Dick Gross, Akron University
2003 Dr. Alan Nye, Rochester Institute of Technology
2002 Dr. Ken Cunefare, Georgia Tech
2001 Dr. Andrew Deakin, University of Leeds
2000 Dr. Al George, Cornell University
1999 Dr. Bob Woods, University of Texas at Arlington*

A Carroll Smith Mentor’s Cup recipient is characterized by:
• Provides continuity over time
• Active involvement in technical, organizational, and management challenges
• Upholds the student-run character of the team
• Creates a positive and encouraging environment
• Professional role model for students

The Carroll Smith Mentor’s Cup is awarded upon nomination by the team, and consideration of the nomination by a committee of past winners. Teams wishing to nominate their advisor should send nomination letters (pdf format, please) to Dr. Peter Jones [email protected]. Although the committee begs you not to flood the space, multiple letters from present and past team leadership are often very helpful in the selection process. The deadline for nomination materials is April 1st of the award year.