Noise Volunteer Information

Position Title: Noise Volunteer (Internal Combustion Only)

Committee/Team/Activity: Formula SAE Technical Inspection

Position Description:Noise Test Volunteers will conduct noise tests of each vehicle with transmission in neutral completing an RPM sweep from idle to designated test speed for specific engine in use by team. This is a pass or fail for teams. Once team passes the noise test a volunteer will award a tech sticker for approval.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience:Volunteers should have a general familiarity with motor vehicles and sound equipment.

Orientation and Training: All volunteers will need to read the rules, and will be given onsite training at the competition to operate the noise meters used for testing.

Work Conducted via: onsite

Event Duration: 2 days (Thurs & Fri)

SAE Members only: NO

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: opportunities exist