Acceleration Course Worker Volunteer Information

Position Title: Acceleration Course Worker

Activity: Formula SAE Dynamic Events

Position Description: The goal of the Acceleration event is to measure the vehicle's maximum acceleration capability by measuring the total time required for the vehicle to travel a straight distance of 75m from a standing start on flat ground – like a drag style event. The event is designed to focus on the vehicles engine performance and drivability, and on the suspension design characteristics for the ability to provide maximum tire grip.

Volunteers may be responsible for any of the operating aspects of the events:
• Timing & Scoring
• Flagger
• Corner Worker
• Cone Chaser
• Driver Gear Inspection
• Staging Queue

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience: Volunteers should have a general familiarity with motor vehicles and can operate course safety instructed by SCCA.

Orientation and Training: Onsite training led by the Event Captain and/or SCCA for course safety and operations.

Work Conducted via: onsite

Event Duration: 1 day (Fri)

SAE Members only: NO

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: opportunities exist