Electrical System Form (Electric Only)

Position Title: Electrical Systems Form Document Reviewer

Activity: Formula SAE Document Review

Position Description: The Electrical Systems Form documents the design and construction of the high voltage and safety systems in the vehicle. Volunteers will conduct a technical review of the student completed Electrical Systems Form (ESF). The ESF must visualize the interconnection of all electric components including the voltage level, the topology, the wiring in the car and the construction and build of the accumulator(s). Teams must present data sheets with rated specifications for all tractive system parts used and show that none of these ratings are exceeded (including wiring components). Volunteers will guide student teams to correct paths/processes until document is accepted by volunteer, but not provide the direct answer.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/ Experience: Volunteers should have knowledge of electrical engineering design and safety of electrical systems.

Orientation and Training: Online training led by the Electrical Technical Inspection Lead and Rules Committee Member who will also manage workload and review process.

Work Conducted via: online prior to competition

Time Commitment: Pending volunteer availability and workload vs student knowledge; there may be several rounds of correspondence until document is accepted. Review time is not consistent or daily but can span up to a month’s time. Initial document review can take up to 4 hours pending on volunteer and student knowledge.

SAE Members only: NO

Benefits of Participation: To educate future engineers and associate with them on a real-world experience project.

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: Opportunities exist for volunteers to serve in leadership roles onsite; opportunity also provide great leadership training for volunteers to take back to their company.