Early Registration at Formula SAE Michigan 2018

5/7/2018 5:25:00 PM   Formula SAE Michigan 2018

Early registration will take place Tuesday, May 8th for all teams wanting to register between the hours of 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM EST at Michigan International Speedway. Teams who register early will be required to drop their FSAE vehicle trailer in an assigned paddock spot; the trailer will be parked overnight. Please note registering on Tuesday night does not mean your team will be automatically assigned a paddock closest to the garages. We have a system on parking teams based on truck and trailer size. Also, if your team needs to be paddocked next to a specific neighbor please make every effort to come into together.

All teams will need to enter Gate 12 with your FSAE Vehicle Trailer. No other gates will be open on Tuesday. Teams will be allowed one additional commuter vehicle to enter to pick up the students and/or advisor driving FSAE vehicle transport. *No FSAE Vehicle Transport = No Early Registration.

Teams who have had their vehicle shipped directly to MIS may take advantage of this early registration.

All teams participating in Early Registration will need to be sure they have all students affiliated, required information completed and signatures for everyone attending. The whole team does not need to be present to register just your team captain to sign the final form in front of SAE Staff. All sponsored swag and important documents will be given to individual registering the team.