FSAE Rules


The 2015 Rules are posted below. *2nd Revision, September 17, 2014

*Student teams be advised this is a newer revision of the rules dated September 17, 2014 as the following rules (T3.5.5 and T3.20.2.a) have been revised due to recent clarification from rules inquiries; it was not the intent of the committee to exclude some of the design options with the wording therefore it has been revised. Also it has been recognized that rule T3.34.4 was accidentally deleted during the revision process. These changes can be found highlighted in yellow and are the only additional changes since original rules publication.

**Additional EV rules may be revised/clarified in future rules release but should not affect design of team vehicles. Committee is reviewing additional changes based on 2014 FSG/FSE competition.



2015 FormulaSAE Rules, Revision 09/17/2014


2015 Rules Clarifications










Rules below are for historical review only.


The 2014 Rules are posted below. *1st Revision, August 19, 2013



2014 FormulaSAE Rules, version 08-19-2013



The 2013 Rules are posted below. *Revision of March 5, 2013

    2013 FormulaSAE Rules, version 03-05-2013



The 2012 Formula SAE Rules are now available:

    2012 FormulaSAE Rules, version 90111K